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Novus Malum (A New Evil)

Novus Malum (A New Evil)

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Novus Malum (A New Evil) is the first offering from Enviro Games Ltd., which immerses two players in a skirmish miniatures wargame within the Seldar continent. The resourceful Knomes of Knarlwood encounter the mighty Dwarves of Anvil Keep as the Great Shroud - a previously impenetrable barrier which has sealed the Fallen Kingdom in shadow and away from the Royal Kingdom of Konior for over three millennia – begins to weaken.

In the box...

  • 1 x Rulebook
  • 21 x Tokens
    (6 x Ranged, 6 x Combat, 8 x Priority, 1 x Combat priority)
  • 13 x Knome multipart miniatures
    (1 x Alto Mage Zizka, 6 x Knome Skirmishers, 6 x Knome Hunters)
  • 13 x Dwarf multipart miniatures
    (1 x Dwarf Captain Kragnair, 6 x Dwarf Hammerers, 6 X Dwarf Guardians)

Expected delivery:
Novus Malum now made to order, 4 week maximum lead time

Not in the box:
Novus Malum is shipped without dice. We figured that rather than introducing yet more plastic, gamers can instead re-use dice from other games in their possession.

Outside of the UK:
For international customers price includes goods and shipping fees, the recipient is responsible for all local taxes and fares.

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